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About Us

Radhefarm is an international business-trading group speDesert-Datescializing in providing the best solutions for supplying the best raw materials for industrial factories, extending their products market, investing and financing on their projects for growing in global market and develop in the entire world.

All of our Dates products with Radhefarm brands are of the absolute finest quality available. We respond to customers’ needs by proposing competitive prices, good quality products and reliable services.

Radhefarm Dates are sweet, oblong fruits that come from the date palm. They contain a narrow hard seeds. They grow in clusters of up to 4000-5000 weighing up to 25 pounds. They rank among the top twenty fruits in the world. Dates are a healthy and deliciously sweet snack to enjoy between meals by anyone craving an otherwise unwholesome food product, or especially for those whose favorite fresh fruits are no longer in season.

Radhefarm is one of the most valuable foodstuffs. Date consumption is one of important sources of supplying mineral and vitamin elements in a balance nutrition regime. Most of persons believe that dates together with one glass of milk can satisfy the required foodstuff of a person daily. radhefarm Dates can classified as soft, semi-soft and dry dates.