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Desert Dates

This is Processed product of delicious date(s) with chocolate taste and color which is made of 80% of date(s) and 20% of powdered milk and cocoa.This product normally use asHome Use” such as breakfast and afternoon snack complementary, suitable for all age groups specially children and athletes.

The Nutritional Values aresuitable for all ages, useful for bones strength, energy supplier for daily activity, nourishing, because of cocoa and date(s) sweetness is exhilarating and happy maker, and is useful for eliminating sickness and depression. It is also useful for curing and prevention of anemia.

The packing types are 20 gram (sachet), 50 gram, 500 gram (Crystal), 29 Kg for industrial packing (for airlines, hotels, and etc.) and any as your requests.The Ingredients of this product is 80% date(s), 15% powdered milk, cocoa, 5% liquid oil .