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Dates are an edible sweet fruit. Also Date is a precious and full of energy source and based on nourish experts, it is considered as the worthiest food. In addition, Date is composed of 75% glucose, 2% protein, 2.5% fat, 1.2% mineral (which itself has much amount of iron, potassium and less amount of phosphor, manganese and cooper) and enough of A-B-C vitamins.

We, Radhefarm , includes various types of date products are processed by automatic device. All date processing do it by a complete date(s) packing line including disinfection, washing, and drying Machine. All products are pasteurized before final packing and the QC experts have guarantees the quality of products by chemical and microbial control of raw materials and produce items .

Iran is the first and leader country for produce of Date Products in the world and Radhefarm is one of the famous brands in Iranian Date Products Exporters. We can supply in all times in the year for your order.